Support for key workers

Key workers are essential in these difficult times in order to support our health service and deliver vital services. Local and nationwide businesses would like to show their appreciation by offering discounts and deals and other means of support. Key Worker Discounts provides a platform to connect businesses and key workers. Businesses can provide discounts, offers and messages of support and key workers use this platform to locate deals.





Messages of Support


26 May 2020 "Who are the "Real Angels?" Please share / support this song dedicated to the NHS "Real Angels" as a fundraiser for families of NHS staff who..." - Daniel Benisty - Pianist Singer Bandleader, London

26 May 2020 "Well done one & all .. big thank you from us 10% offer your order applies to all NHS also we decided to do our part and help the real HEROES! It..." - BRGRBRO, Leicester

25 May 2020 "We at Charmed Floristree send our thoughts to you all during this tough time thank you all for your hard work and we look forward to when we can..." - Charmed Floristree, Edinburgh

24 May 2020 "We would like to show our gratitude to our NHS workers for the great work they are doing from everyone at Britannia Fleet Removals... thank you!" - Britannia Fleet Removals & Storage, Liverpool

23 May 2020 "Under funded and under supported by government, but loved and appreciated by the masses. Thanks for your incredibly hard work and for caring so..." - NutritionAli, Swindon

23 May 2020 "Thank you for your dedication and we sincerely appreciate you being there for us. " - Longworth Hall Hotel, Hereford

22 May 2020 "From Le Delice to NHS staff" - Le Delice, London

22 May 2020 "Dear all NHS staff, Thank you so so much for the amazing work you are all doing! We could not cope without you and the kind and caring things you..." - Your4walls, Lancashire

22 May 2020 "Well as the rest of us grew fat on our sofa incarceration and felt rather hopeless as we watched from afar, clapping weekly. Thank you to the..." - Gallery-Close, Edinburgh

22 May 2020 "The work you all do to help others to be healthy again is fantastic. " - Herbalife with Be Healthier, Godalming

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