Support for key workers

Key workers are essential in these difficult times in order to support our health service and deliver vital services. Local and nationwide businesses would like to show their appreciation by offering discounts and deals and other means of support. Key Worker Discounts provides a platform to connect businesses and key workers. Businesses can provide discounts, offers and messages of support and key workers use this platform to locate deals.





Messages of Support


15 Oct 2021 "A huge thank you for everything you're doing!" - Fitness Guides, London

14 Oct 2021 "Thank you to our winderful NHS staff during this difficult time, on a very personal level for me as both my son and my daughter have had the best..." - Efficient Cleaning Services Ltd, London

13 Oct 2021 "The last 18 months has been tough for everyone. A huge shout out to all of you NHS workers who worked tirelessly to ensure everyone was looked..." - Beity Restaurant, Southampton

07 Oct 2021 "Thank you NHS for doing a fantastic job! AP Accountants LTD" - AP Accountants LTD, Shirley

15 Sep 2021 "From all the team at Lace Market Hotel - We wish you all well & thank you for your continued support through everything, prior to the pandemic,..." - Lace Market Hotel, Nottingham

10 Sep 2021 "As a nurse myself, I understand the constant pressure everyone has faced and the continous hard work everyone has put in to support this country...." - Wildflower Aesthetics Ltd, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE

08 Sep 2021 "We know there won't be many people living with Parkinson's working in the NHS. But if we can help one or two of those that are to show our..." - 4D Life Ltd, London

05 Sep 2021 "We’re grateful to all staff during this difficult time and want to say a huge thank you to all at every level for the work you’re doing..." - MWR LIFE LEWONNON, London

30 Aug 2021 "Royal Indian Stones is a part of Royal Indian Exports Group, has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers-exporters of natural stones from..." - Royal Indian Stones, Acton

23 Aug 2021 "Thank you NHS, not just for your Covid-19 response, but for everything else, every check up, every smile, every scan that spots something bad..." - Creative Connection Animation Studio, Bristol

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