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JustPark is the UK's leading parking service, providing convenient, reliable and secure parking solutions to key workers across the country. With over 500,000 spaces in more than 30 cities, JustPark offers a variety of options for medical staff, emergency responders, teachers and other essential personnel. JustPark provides hassle-free and contactless booking via their website or app – no more rummaging for coins! Customers can also take advantage of free cancellations and refunds if plans change. In addition to this, JustPark offers exclusive discounts for key workers who need safe and convenient parking near their workplace. For those working long shifts in hospitals or NHS trusts, JustPark provides 24/7 access to secure car parks with CCTV coverage for added peace of mind. It also has great deals on parking at universities where many teachers are based. For emergency responders such as firefighters and police officers, there are even dedicated reserved spots available so they can always get to work on time. So whether you’re a nurse looking for a safe spot close to your hospital or an educator needing easy access to campus buildings – JustPark has it covered!

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