Problems logging in

If you are having problems logging in for any reason, here's what you can do:

Method 1: Reset your password (try this first)

Can't remember your username?
- If you can't remember your username, first search your emails. Your username will be containing within both your initial registration email and all the emails we may have sent to you since registering

Can't remember your password?
- If you can't remember your password, go to the registration page: and click on reset password. Then enter your username and submit the form. Note - your username may be different from your email address.
- Check your emails at the email address you registered with. This will be where you have received email from us. You will receive a password reset link. This may take a few minutes to come through. You must use this reset link within 10 minutes of receiving it. 
- You can now login and proceed

Method 2: Register a new login (fall back method)

- If you aren't able to locate your username, you can create a new login here:
- If you need any of your details transferring over to your new login, you can request this on the help desk tab that will have now appeared

- Note for businesses only
Once you have completed the initial registration page, you will be asked to enter your business details. Rather than do this, just click on the Help Desk tab and submit a ticket requesting that the business details are moved to your new login so that you can manage them or submit a ticket about any other issue you are having.