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SIGG is a leading provider of drinking bottles since 1908. Thanks to the company’s rich traditional history, which is known for quality, innovation, design and environmental awareness, the SIGG products are synonymous worldwide with intelligent, sustainable drinking bottles. Originally, the bottles from SIGG, which are well-known for their longlasting quality and complete reusability, were primarily popular with alpinists and hikers. Today, SIGG offers a wide collection of functional and fashionable bottles for all areas of life, is on permanent display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and has already partnered with major fashion labels such as Vivienne Westwood. Based on the success story of the original SIGG aluminum bottle and the dynamic SIGG Hot & Cold line, the company has expanded its product range with high-quality drinking bottles made from polypropylene, glass and Tritan, underlining its core values of sustainability and versatility

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