Beetlebugs wedding car hire

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16 Victoria street Warwick United Kingdom Cv344jt

Key Worker Discount:
Genuine big discounts. Taylor made service. Booked on a 4 hour period. Anywhere in GB

There is 7 vehicles in the fleet covering the whole country for 17 years. Family run business. 4 convertible beetles 3 camper vans.

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Original listing: Beetlebugs wedding car hire


12/03/2023: This company is so cool! They have 7 awesome cars that you can rent for your wedding day. There are 4 convertible beetles and 3 camper vans, so you can pick the perfect car for your special day. And they've been around for 17 years, so you know they're reliable! Plus, if you work for the NHS, you get a big discount - how cool is that? You can book them for a 4 hour period anywhere in Great Britain. So if you want to make your wedding extra special, this is the place to go! , Ellen, Occupational Therapist


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