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Brindley Place 2 Brunswick Square Birmingham United Kingdom B1 2LP

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Hiring health care businesses can get 5% of quoted price when hiring one of our workers.

Extra Workforce is a Birmingham-based recruitment agency based in Birmingham and serving the whole West Midlands. As a recruitment agency we connect skilled workers with temporary opportunities and match them with roles that are right for them in construction, manufacturing and logistics sectors. Employers can create a business profile and post their jobs before they get in touch with us. As for job seekers, they can create a professional profile and request jobs to get matched to the right opportunities. Whether it's a permanent, contract or temporary positions, we work with hiring businesses of all shapes and sizes, and help job seekers find the right job - regardless of their work experience or qualifications. Job seekers can apply for a job on the website and if we see they are the right match for their target job, we invite them to complete an online registration and then interview them where they are. There is no need to turn up to the office to fill a printed job application and provide the necessary documents. Job seekers don't need to visit our office during the whole process. As an employer, it's about adding the right people to your team to help your business go from strength to strength. As for job seekers, it's about finding you a better job to improve your everyday.

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