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DiSC Behavioural profiling: Ideal to use as a guide if you are planning a promotion or are wanting to change career, or as part of your journey to self-discovery or to use as part of a team. Options: DiSC for self-reflection - Work of leaders - Sales or Team profiling. Either purchase the profile only or include a follow-up session for us to go more in-depth. The DiSC model has been used for decades, to help people understand themselves and others, Assists with bringing a common language to a team or an organisation and reducing the potential of conflict, improving communications and enhance teams to achieve better and perform. Can be utilised on a personal level too, eg relationships and friend circles. Often referred to as behavioural profiling. When used correctly this instrument from worldwide known and respected John Wiley leads to the understanding of others and them of you. Everything DiSC profiling is certainly the furthest point away from equipping people to make judgments, The process serves solely to enhance associations in the workplace. It can be used within personal relationships too!

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