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The Old Police Station 80 Lark Lane Liverpool United Kingdom L17 8UU

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Art classes: £6/session/ per person Singing/ Vocal Training lessons: £20/session/per person Qi Gong and meditation: £4.50/session/per person

Gallery4allarts is a Liverpool based small business initiated in 2006 by Nicole Bartos and offering as services the following: an online mini art gallery promoting the work of local artist Nicole Bartos; local art exhibitions, classical music events and excellent tuition( Classes/ Courses) in Fine Art, Singing/ Vocal Training and Qi Gong/ Chi Kung for Vitality and Meditation (Wei Dan/ External and Nei Dan/ Internal practices). All organised and delivered by Nicole Bartos, Director, visual artist, Curator, Soprano soloist, art and singing teacher as well as and Qi Gong Instructor. Current general locations for classes differ: Lark Lane area, L17 8UU; Ullet Road area, L17 2AA, possibly off Hope Street, L8. New venues welcome.

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