Positive Note

10 Baynhams Drive Oxford United Kingdom OX2 8FF

Key Worker Discount:
20% off all tickets for our streams

Positive Note makes classical music films. COming in Oxtober is a series of filmed chamber music performances, with enhanced content including beautiful animations by Jeremy Hamway-Bidgood who made the YouTube smash hit Erlkönig


25/12/2022: Positive Note makes movies about classical music! In October, they will show some movies with special pictures made by Jeremy Hamway-Bidgood. He made a really cool video called Erlkönig. If you are a key worker, you can get 20% off all the tickets for the movies! , Finn, Wildland Firefighter.

25/08/2022: Hi, my name is Karen and I'm a Nursing Home Administrator. I think Positive Note's classical music films sound really cool! It sounds like they have some amazing content and it's great that they are offering a Key Worker Discount of 20% off all tickets for their streams. I can't wait to see what they have in store this October! , Karen, Nursing Home Administrator


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