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Key Worker Discount:
20% OFF first purchase with code HSD20PERCKO. Valid on Cannot be used alongside other offers. One code per order and user. Not valid on Lyne Pro. Valid at Cannot be used alongside other offers. One code per order and user.

PERCKO, Committed against back pain. BESTSELLER: Our registered medical device textile range for a double-action on the shoulders and lower back to prevent back pain. - Lyne UP - our smart posture vest discreet under everyday clothes - Lyne FIT- our spor


01/11/2022: Hi, my name is Brent and I'm a police officer. I have to be on my feet all day and it can be really hard on my back. That's why I was so excited when I heard about PERCKO! They have amazing products that help with back pain, like the Lyne UP and Lyne FIT. And they even give key workers like me a discount - 20% off my first purchase with the code HSD20PERCKO! It's been such a relief to find something that helps me stay comfortable while doing my job. Thank you PERCKO! , Brent, Police Officer

22/10/2018: PERCKO is a company that helps people with back pain. They have special clothes and vests to help you feel better. Their Lyne UP vest can be worn under your regular clothes, and their Lyne FIT sportswear can help you stay active without hurting your back. They even give a special discount to key workers like firefighters! How does the Lyne Pro work differently from the other products? , Ivan, Firefighter.


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