Counselling and Family Therapy Centre Ltd

The Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre Truro United Kingdom TR1 3FF

The Counselling and Family Therapy Centre (CFTC) is a professional accredited specialist counselling and psychotherapy Clinic which offers various therapeutic approaches in psychotherapy and counselling services within the scope of systemic family therapy, specialist complex PTSD treatment, and marriage counselling paradigms. Through therapeutic groups, individual counselling and psychotherapy, seminars educational events, e-learning, training courses, continuing professional development training, the centre strives to raise public and provider awareness to the needs of at-risk residents within our community. Services are designed to strengthen and increase self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others in society, promote health and psychological well-being and to address issues relating to improving the quality of their lives. Our clinical services cover areas such as Clinical Family and Systemic therapy, Specialist Complex Post Traumatic Stress (including Military) and Combat-related psychological injury treatment, all other psychotherapy, mental health support, marriage and family therapy, child and family therapy, online counselling services, education and training, and e-learning. The clinic also provides education and training to health professionals, the voluntary sector, the third sector, and non-government organisations. Delivered through seminars, presentations, and short courses, as well as CPD certificated programs.