Manjal Restaurant

Drewery house 213 Marsh Wall City of London United Kingdom E149FJ

London is a multi-culture city with multiple dining options that are mind-blowing. Anybody can go to a South Indian restaurant near me to get food of their choice and then back out in the space. However, fine dining is a different affair. The emphasis on "fine" is not misplaced. Fine dining Indian restaurants in London are highly specialized establishments - something that shows in everything from their style to their cuisine and service. The restaurant will usually have expertise in one specific cuisine - Mediterranean, European, Indian, Chinese, etc. The rest of the establishments were built as a landmark for the incredible food served inside its walls. The décor of indian restaurant docklands matches the dominant food served there. A Chinese restaurant, for instance, may choose to have its servers dressed in traditional garments and to use Chinese motifs in its wall hangings or table curious. Chopsticks are an absolute must if one wishes to keep something of an authenticated feel..., even though most Chinese restaurants are Europeanized by sheer need.

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