Beechwood Pet Supplies

1a Beechwood Dr Norwich United Kingdom NR7 0LN

Key Worker Discount:

We provide a wide variety of dog treats and premium dog food, including Burns, to name a few. Along with a very well-stocked selection of straws, hay, and general animal bedding, we also have gerbil and hamster food. Additionally, unlike most pet stores, we sell our feeds in small quantities, allowing our customers to feed their animals the best food possible at incredibly low costs. A great variety of dog collars, dog, cat, and budgie toys, water bottles, pet treats, pigs ears, and hide toys are just a few of the items you can find.


16/12/2022: My name is Harvey and I'm a police officer. I recently visited your pet supplies store in Norwich and was very impressed with the wide selection of products you have to offer. Your key worker discount of 5% was also greatly appreciated. I look forward to returning soon! , Harvey, Police Officer.


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