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Key Workers are the unsung heroes of our society, providing essential services to those in need. They are dedicated and hardworking individuals who deserve recognition for their commitment and dedication. With a Key Worker Discounts Card, these heroes can now enjoy exclusive discounts at Health and Wellbeing outlets across the country. These discounts allow Key Workers to access affordable health care products, treatments and services that would otherwise be out of reach due to cost. This means they can stay healthy, both physically and mentally, while saving money on important health-related expenses. Furthermore, with the discount card comes access to a variety of special offers from Health & Wellbeing outlets such as free consultations or discounted rates on gym memberships or spa packages – perfect for relaxation after long shifts! The Key Worker Discounts Card is an invaluable tool that allows our dedicated workers to save money while taking care of their own wellbeing - it truly is a glorious way for them to receive recognition for all they do!

BrightonYoga, brighton
Join our outdoor yoga classes in Brighton or come along to a yoga, hiking and forest bathing retreat in Brighton's beautiful countryside.
Key Worker Discount: 20%

Balance Wellness Centre, Knaresborough
We are a community based wellness centre established in 2005 providing a wide range of online and in-person classes such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates, Sound Healing and Tai Chi plus therapies from our Treatment Hub including Massage and Reflexology. Our centre is fully accessible and inclusive.
Key Worker Discount: NHS Workers can enjoy one free class - and receive a 10% discount off all subsequent purchases of 10 Class Passes (regular rate of £88 for studio classes or £40 for online classes).

PCL Health, London
PCL Health has created a remote monitoring and analytics platform which empowers health and wellbeing using the latest technologies. An AI-driven health score is combined with wearable technology and an app, to help patients, carers and families monitor their own health. Such products and services reduce worry and, even more importantly, reduce the risks of our relatives becoming unwell...
Key Worker Discount: Medical Records Read Coder Due to the development of an exciting new Stratification tool, we have a requirement for a Medical records Read Coder to work within the various application’s data usage requirements. This is an important post ensuring patient data is correctly gathered, stored, grouped and available for distribution within the system. As well as dealing with incoming electronic...

Worcester Wellness, Worcester
Are you an athlete suffering from a sports injury? Are you a new mum trying to get into a fitness routine postpartum? Or are you a workaholic suffering from constant neck pain? We are here to help. At Worcester Wellness, we offer a range of classes, treatments and courses in yoga, massage, injury rehabilitation, mindfulness and counselling to help you become physically and mentally fit. Our...
Key Worker Discount: Iyengar Yoga, remedial massage, holistic therapies, Iyengar Yoga near me, remedial massage near me

I remove physical and stress related problems, Emotional stress problems Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Post Natal Depression. All other stress problems All physical chronic pain.
Key Worker Discount: My discount is to all NHS staff is a free telephone consultation and a 30% reduction in any treatment charges.

PERCKO, London
PERCKO, Committed against back pain. BESTSELLER: Our registered medical device textile range for a double-action on the shoulders and lower back to prevent back pain. - Lyne UP - our smart posture vest discreet under everyday clothes - Lyne FIT- our sports t-shit NEW: - Loop - self-massager for targetted action: Neck, shoulders, trapezius and lower back.
Key Worker Discount: 20% OFF first purchase with code HSD20PERCKO 20% OFF first purchase with code HSD20PERCKO. Valid on Cannot be used alongside other offers. One code per order and user. Not valid on Lyne Pro. Valid at Cannot be used alongside other offers. One code per order and user.

LED Community Leisure, Woodbury
With 16 leisure centres across Devon and Somerset, approachable personal trainers and support for dozens of sports and activities, we help everyone from first timers to dab-handers chase their health and wellbeing goals. We can do the same for you. As a leading charitable leisure trust, LED manages leisure centres for the local community. As a not-for-profit organisation, we reinvest profits...
Key Worker Discount: 10% Discount for all NHS staff on all our loyalty memberships

Hope Therapy & Counselling Services, Oxford
Hope Therapy offers Mental Health and Wellbeing Support throughout the UK via a team of qualified counsellors and therapists. We understand how nerve-racking these times can be. As such our counsellors offer a variety of face to face and non-face to face Counselling, CBT and Mindfulness via Skype, Zoom or phone. We also offer a variety of evidence-based digitally supported wellbeing packages...
Key Worker Discount: 15% Discount to NHS

Farah Khan Osteopath, Balsall Common
Are you fed up with living in pain? Looking for specialist treatment for your pain? Osteopathy is a drug-free, non-invasive manual therapy that aims to improve health across all body systems by manipulating and strengthening the musculoskeletal framework. Farah Khan Osteopath adopts a thorough, caring and holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and with this in mind we treat the whole...
Key Worker Discount:

Peacebeam Limited, Bristol
We produce short guided meditations for busy, stressed and overwhelmed people called Peacebeams. You need 5 minutes, put your headphones on, tune in and get from stressed and anxious to calm and centred. Many of our Peacebeams are available for free on the Insight Timer App and we have some series available to purchase on our website.
Key Worker Discount: We are offering a 100% discount on any of our meditations to NHS Staff, email us at [email protected] and we will send you a code.

Hope CBD LTD, Hamilton
Hope CBD is Scotland's largest Cannabis produce company. We provide Lab-tested, certified organic products in accordance with UK law. We service the entire UK and most EU countries. -Fully Organic products from sustainable and ethical sources -All our products are rigorously Lab-tested for quality and customer confidence -Free Next Day delivery on orders above £30 -Promoting cannabis...
Key Worker Discount: 20% Off for all NHS Staff - Simply use the code NHSSTAFF in the checkout

Daiba Organic, Bournemouth
Here at Daiba Organic we’re proud to offer CBD oil, CBD chocolate and CBD tea to customers in Bournemouth, Dorset and throughout the UK. Our team of experts have years of experience in providing CBD oil and have all the knowledge required to ensure that your needs are met. All our products are Plant Based, Sustainably Sourced, 100% Natural and Organic. We discovered the incredible benefits of...
Key Worker Discount: CBD Oil, CBD Chocolate, CBD Tea Blends, CBD Tea, CBD Shop, Health Store, Health Shop

Spring Forest Therapies, EDINBURGH
Spring Forest TherapiesMusculoskeletal pain & stress specialist massage in Edinburgh. About Us- At Spring Forest Therapies, we specialise in Chinese Tuina medical deep tissue massage After a long day’s work at the Hospital, then don’t let that ongoing stress or aching pain keep you in daily anxiety or constant ill-health. Let our therapeutic Chinese massage which is fully clothed, release...
Key Worker Discount: 20% off your first treatment and 10% off follow up sessions with Staff ID.

5 star CBD OIL, Altrincham
Hi all, Hope you are all well and feeling positive about the new year. I understand that many of you are over worked and underpaid, this is probably affecting your general well-being. Please have a look at my website I may have something of interest to you. Please be aware that it only works for approximately one in three people and I offer no guarantee it will work for you. However you...
Key Worker Discount: We are offering 50% discount exclusive to all Nhs staff. We are happy to do this as we feel that they are overworked and under valued. Stay safe Brian

Lancashire Health and wellbeing Centre, Blackburn
NHS discount of £5 off treatment session. Clinical massage therapies, also including Acupuncture and cupping. Open Monday to Friday some later in day appointments. Female therapists.
Key Worker Discount: £5 off

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