from businesses to key workers


03 Jul 2020:  "Happy 72nd Birthday NHS - thank you for all the AMAZING work you do! Love & respect Beautylicious ??xx" - Beautylicious, Taunton

03 Jul 2020:  "ICCO pizza would like to thank each and every member of the NHS who have helped past, present and future. You are the real heroes and we are proud of you. We have been delivering pizzas throughout the pandemic to the frontline and seeing their smiling faces both receiving and eating these pizzas has brought such joy to our faces. Lots of love,..." - ICCO pizza, London

03 Jul 2020:  "Thank you for everything you have always done and everything you continue to do, a clap is not enough you are amazing." - State of Distress, Ruthin

03 Jul 2020:  "Thank you so much for all your hard work during this pandemic you are true heroes" - Martins Cleaning Services Ltd, Exeter

03 Jul 2020:  "Thank you to All Doctors, Nurses, And Staff for Help and Support you have given to Comunity kipping Them Healthy and fit With All Best Wishes to you and all and your family ENGLANDS PAPERS 49 ENGLANDS LANE London NW3 4YD 0207 7223230 10% DISCOUNT for All NHS STAFF " - Englands Papers, London

03 Jul 2020:  "Thanks so much for everything...we're thinking of you all and giving a 10% discount to all NHS staff @WestStowPods!" - West Stow Pods, Bury St Edmunds

03 Jul 2020:  "All Staff within the NHS thank you! As a former community nurse, who is now has a private clinic looking after people's feet, I really appreciate the hard work you have put in under difficult circumstances and at your own personal risk. If this pandemic has shown us anything it is just how vital all your services are! May we never forget. " - FeetWise-PJ, Braintree

03 Jul 2020:  "With much appreciation to all the NHS staff who are working hard to keep the NHS going in extremely difficult conditions and many times at great personal cost to their own families. You are valued and appreciated although I know at times you do not feel it. Thank You." - Sarah Sloan Chiropractic, Belfast

03 Jul 2020:  "Well done to each and every one of you for all your continued hard work. You are there for us no matter what comes along to challenge you. We will never stop thanking you. " - Caprice Bangor Ltd, Bangor

03 Jul 2020:  "At Maria Beauty our mission is to provide affordable all services for NHS staff." - Maria Beauty, Coventry

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