from businesses to key workers


03 Jul 2020:  "As keyworkers providing childcare for many NHS staff in Leicester, we want to say a huge thank you, for your amazing work and care. From all the team at Nursery Rhymes Leicester. " - Nursery Rhymes, Leicester

02 Jul 2020:  "We would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all NHS staff who have gone above and beyond to keep us all safe and well during these difficult times. You are all *superstars* and we thank you sincerely for all that you do." - Hall of Names, Taunton

01 Jul 2020:  "Thank you for all you do for the community. You have selflessly kept the country going during these unprecedented times. It is very much appreciated. These offers are a token of our gratitude. Thank you Annabel" - Annabel Yoga, Caterham

29 Jun 2020:  "A heartfelt thank you to all NHS staff for being there." - Teign Valley Counselling, Newton Abbot

25 Jun 2020:  "Sending a heartfelt thanks to all health staff members for the dedication, care and support they provide to the communities especially during the coronavirus pandemic. You are the real every day heroes in that you selflessly and tirelessly put yourselves on the front line for each and every one of us." - Wycliffe Guest House, Folkestone

25 Jun 2020:  "It's been a tough few months, some of us have been forced to down tools and sit it out, where as our amazing key workers have been asked to do the opposite, role your sleeves-up and show dedicate and effort for the cause. From all at the Fossil Tree Hotel Blackpool, we thank you for your efforts and hope you might now enjoy a little down time..." - Fossil Tree Hotel, Blackpool

25 Jun 2020:  "The Toyshades team would like to thank all keyworkers for their dedication and support during these difficult times . " - Toyshades, High street East Grinstead

25 Jun 2020:  "Thanking all of you, your work is so valuable. From all at Dressini" - Dressini, Market Bosworth

24 Jun 2020:  "Thank you to all NHS staff for all the amazing, selfless work you do to keep us all healthy. We are all thankfull for all the hard work and long hours you do to look after our loved ones." - CameraWorld Ltd, Chelmsford

17 Jun 2020:  "So much owed to so few people - Thank you so much for what you have done for the rest of us over the past 3-4 months - History has noted your sacrifice - we appreciate you all..." -, Dunstable

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