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15 Sep 2021:  "From all the team at Lace Market Hotel - We wish you all well & thank you for your continued support through everything, prior to the pandemic, during the pandemic & furthermore. Thank you! " - Lace Market Hotel, Nottingham

10 Sep 2021:  "As a nurse myself, I understand the constant pressure everyone has faced and the continous hard work everyone has put in to support this country. Well done everyone!" - Wildflower Aesthetics Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne

08 Sep 2021:  "We know there won't be many people living with Parkinson's working in the NHS. But if we can help one or two of those that are to show our appreciation for all of your heroic efforts, we would love to." - 4D Life Ltd, London

05 Sep 2021:  "We’re grateful to all staff during this difficult time and want to say a huge thank you to all at every level for the work you’re doing collectively to manage this period on behalf of our country and working tirelessly on the frontline to care for people in need, and your support staff working behind the scenes to help those affected by..." - MWR LIFE LEWONNON, London

23 Aug 2021:  "Thank you NHS, not just for your Covid-19 response, but for everything else, every check up, every smile, every scan that spots something bad before it happens, every timely intervention that saves a life, these are debts that can never be repaid. Much love to you all!" - Creative Connection Animation Studio, Bristol

22 Jul 2021:  "So proud of our NHS " - Solicitorhelp, moreton

20 Jul 2021:  "We appreciate the pressure, long hours and dedication of all of the healthcare workers in the UK and want to find our way of providing a little support to NHS Staff and their families that use our services. In these difficult times thinking about our family and older generations has never been more important. " - reLOVE Photos, Borehamwood

16 Jul 2021:  "Hello! Thank you for sharing this amazing thing. many people are inspired to see your site. " - Care'N'Cure Store, New City

08 Jul 2021:  "VISUfarma UK – The Eye Health Company would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to our NHS and key workers for all of your hard work and dedication. We would like to let you know that VISUfarma UK are here to help when you have tired," - VISUfarma UK, Leeds

05 Jul 2021:  "Thank you to all that keep our country going. From the team @ Crown Removals Limited " - Crown Removals Limited, exmouth

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