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Having a Key Worker Discounts Card is like having your own personal key to unlocking the door to health and fitness. With this card, you can access exclusive discounts on all sorts of health and fitness activities, from gym memberships to nutrition classes. Not only does it give you access to special savings, but it also helps you stay motivated and healthy. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save money while still getting the most out of your health and fitness routine. With a Key Worker Discounts Card, you can unlock the door to a healthier lifestyle!

1st4Fitness - Redefine Your Prime, Bicester
1st4Fitness Bicester is more than a gym; it's a transformative community focused on personalized fitness and wellness. Recognized for our bespoke nutrition and fitness plans, we cater to individuals aiming for sustainable health improvements amidst their busy lifestyles. Our approach starts with a detailed assessment to craft programs that align with your life, ensuring they are both...
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Dietitian Fit & Co, Staines
Dietitian and nutritionist offering 1:1 consultations to help improve the health of our clients with different goals and conditions such as weight loss, diabetes, gut health, sports performance, eating disorder and women's health.
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Cheap Whey Protein, Worcester
Whey protein is a popular dietary supplement that is widely used among athletes and fitness enthusiasts to enhance their muscle growth and recovery. It is a byproduct of cheese production and contains high levels of essential amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body. Cheap whey protein, as the name suggests, refers to a more affordable option compared to other premium brands. While it...
Key Worker Discount: As a way of showing our appreciation for the hard work and dedication of key workers during these challenging times, we are pleased to offer a special discount on our cheap whey protein range. All key workers, including healthcare professionals, emergency services personnel, and essential workers, are eligible for a 20% discount on their purchases from our online store. Our cheap whey protein...

Running to Get Taller , Birmingham
The question of whether running can make you taller is a common one, especially among young people who are still growing. While running has many benefits for overall health and fitness, it is important to understand that it cannot directly increase your height. Height is determined by genetics and nutrition, and the growth of bones occurs through a complex process that is not influenced by...
Key Worker Discount: We are proud to offer a 25% discount on our running guides to all key workers. At a time when these essential workers are facing unprecedented challenges and putting themselves at risk to keep our communities safe, we want to do our part in supporting them. Our running guides are designed to help people of all fitness levels improve their running performance, avoid injuries, and achieve their...

Foundry Richmond, Richmond
Foundry Richmond is a small group personal training gym located in the vibrant area of Richmond, London. Our gym is dedicated to helping individuals of all fitness levels achieve their health and wellness goals through personalised, high-intensity workouts in a supportive community. At Foundry Richmond, we offer small group personal training sessions designed to push our clients to their...
Key Worker Discount: personal training, personal training gym, small group personal training

Pause Studio , London
Located in the heart of Leyton, Pause is a small, friendly studio offering Yoga, Pilates, Over 50’s, and Prenatal & Postnatal, classes from Beginner to Advance.
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3-1-5 Health Club, Lancaster
3-1-5 HEALTH CLUB ARE ONE OF THE MOST PREMIER GYMS IN LANCASTER. We are committed to being more than just a gym in Lancaster. We provide our customers with a place where goals can be set and achieved. As well as being a place equipped for fitness, including the revolutionary X-Force strength training system, we are committed to the third space mentality – a place to unwind, find peace, enjoy...
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IndigoFitness Limited, Nuneaton, Warwickshire
Specialists in creating intelligent training spaces for health and fitness facilities, and the design and manufacture of bespoke training equipment.
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osteoldn, London
Osteo LDN is the well-known Massage Clinic in London Bridge, Fully registered with governing bodies. You don't have to settle for minimal recovery. Fix your Back pain? Poor posture? Sports injuries? Headaches? by the professional osteopathy treatment.
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Christopher Norris Mentoring, London
Christopher Norris is an experienced London-based Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotist, Mindfulness Teacher and Personal Trainer with a richly diverse employment history that includes time spent in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry, the Retail Sec
Key Worker Discount: 20% discount

RJ-Fitness Personal Training, Macclesfield
Working tirelessly during long and demanding NHS shifts can sometimes lead to neglecting your own well-being. This often translates into poor dietary choices, inadequate rest, and limited exercise. Allow me to guide you through making minor yet impactful lifestyle adjustments that will significantly boost your energy levels, both on the job and in your personal life. Additionally, I...
Key Worker Discount: 10% discount off all training packages both online and in person.

Fitstraps, Rackheath
Buy replacement straps for all major smartwatches including all Fitbit models, Garmin, Apple and Samsung. Receive a 15% discount on all our products. Free U.K shipping for orders over £20
Key Worker Discount: 15% on all orders using code NHS-15 at checkout

Hampden Sports Clinic, Glasgow
Hampden Sports Clinic has been established for over 20 years and provides a range of services including physiotherapy, sports massage, podiatry and health and fitness testing packages for clients of all ages. Our experienced staff have worked both in the NHS and with elite sportsmen and women. See our website for the full range of services
Key Worker Discount: Partner rate discount on physiotherapy, sports massage and podiatry and a 10% discount on all health and fitness packages.

Sussex Foot Centre, Haywards Heath
Are you looking for an expert podiatrist, chiropodist and footcare specialist who can expertly look after your foot health? At the Sussex Footcare Centre, we provide a wide range of services including nail surgery, cortisone injections, orthotics & insoles, biomechanical health assessments, diabetic foot health and much more. Call today for more information and book in for your first...
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Pause Studio , London
Located in the heart of Leyton, Pause is a small, friendly studio offering Yoga, Pilates, Over 50’s, and Prenatal & Postnatal, classes from Beginner to Advance.
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